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Today’s look is brought to you (90%) by


I know Chikane from days past and I’m always eager to see all the things she can make.

Not to mention my wallet doesn’t mind the fair trade of my L$ for Cobrahive goodies.

Chik helps me look gooooood.





Hair ~ Cobrahive Chester (Onyx)

Skin ~ LAQ Elena #01 Peach

Ears ~ Visavi Epigon Ears (Plain)

Eyes ~ Visavi Rainbow Explosion

Makeup ~ Nuuna’s Makeup V4 #10

Tattoo ~ HUZ Ugra Faded


Bracelet ~ Blitzed Brutal Cuffs Old Leather

Ski Mask ~ Cobrahive Bandit Mask (Black)

Outfit ~ T&S Renegade (Black)

Finger Tape ~ Sini*Style Taped Fist (Wrists & Fingers)


I’ve been away from this blog for almost a year!

I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy!

Please forgive me?

Look, a shmexy post just for you!

'Put the body in motion'

Hair ~ Magika Itoko (B&W pack)

Necklace ~ :sey: ‘Black Star’

Shirt ~ Gawk! Saucy White Shirt + Strapless Black Top

Pants ~ TonkTastic Combat Pants [black and white]

Claws ~ [:TCR:] Claws of Conspiracy CCS Weapon (female)